Our certified plumbing specialists at Apple Valley Plumbing & Backflow provide a complete line of plumbing services, including:

You can count on us for plumbing solutions and sewer drain cleaning for residential and commercial buildings. Our fast response to your plumbing emergencies makes us the best choice in the Okanagan. 

If you have broken lines, we are your one-call to repair or replace your entire system. One of the reasons your pipes may need replacing is from damage caused by tree roots. Many older homes still have clay pipes which are especially vulnerable to tree roots in sewer line pipes. This causes water flow blockage, pipe damage, unhealthy conditions and often costly repair bills. With our camera inspections, we can help prevent and repair the damage to save you money.

If you are buying or selling a home, let our experts come in with our Camera to inspect your sewer lines/system to detect any potential issues.